Horse Sense comes from the emerging field of Equine Assisted Coaching.

It is a single, 1-1 business or personal coaching session, using horses to facilitate the process.  It is far more effective than traditional coaching, and the results are immediate and dramatic.

This is not counselling and its not therapy. And it’s not about horses.  Equine Assisted Coaching involves participants gaining insight and understanding through the process of carrying out activities with horses.  Importantly, Horse Sense does not involve riding horses. No element of horsemanship is required.

Why we use horses in coaching.

We know you need results – fast. You also need the space and time to reflect to make sure the results are the right ones. Coaching with horses delivers this: practical sessions allowing you to work through challenges you are facing in real time. As you do so, the horse or horses you work with will pick up on your feelings, your inhibitions, where your ‘blocks’ are and feed that back in their behaviour.

Horses are intuitive animals who will pick up on human feelings and reflect them back to you in their own behaviour as you work together.

During your personal 1-1 Horse Sense session, your coach will create an environment of trust and openness. The horses allow you to work with a different part of your thinking in order to resolve the particular challenge you are facing.

A Typical Agenda

A free exploratory session is first conducted to assess whether equine assisted coaching is going to be right for you.  This short, 20 minutes session is free of charge and gives you the opportunity to discuss your challenge, get to know your coach, and ask any questions.

If you and your coach are willing to proceed, a date will be organised for your personal, 1-1 session here at our smallholding in Powys

The session lasts approximately 3 hours and it is our aim to deliver your coaching in a structured yet relaxed environment.

Book your Free Exploratory Session

This free Zoom Video Conference or Telephone session lasts approximately 20 minutes

We realise that working with a coach is a big deal.

You need to build trust in your coach and we need to be sure that we can help you. During this 20-minute call, we take time to understand your current situation and what you would like to achieve from your Masks and Mirrors learning programme.

This is not a sales call; it’s an opportunity for us to understand your personal challenge(s) and identify whether our services are suitable for your situation.

Your outcome:

A shared understanding of the benefits of working together and an agreement on the way ahead. If this means working together, then great, if this is not right for you, we will understand and thank you for your valuable time.

This module is currently unavailable due to the coronavirus outbreak

Each module includes;

20 minute exploratory telephone session

A half a day of 1-1 Coaching with the horses

Reflective Log

Not Available For Purchase

To assist businesses during this difficult time we are doing our part by offering our services with a substantial 50% discount

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