Becoming an Agent of Change

Business leaders are currently faced with unprecedented times. It is those businesses that are agile and can adapt quickly and creatively in these challenging times who will survive.

There are so many factors to consider as you attempt to lead your people through this crisis. And, you need to factor yourself into the mix. Your own emotions, reactions and future plans. Navigate your way through the changes you need to make with the support of your Personal Coach, an expert in leadership, change management and motivation.

Your Outcome:

You will gain greater clarity and confidence in the decisions you have to make, and formulate a plan to communicate and implement the changes you need to for both your business, and for yourself.


Book your Free Exploratory Session

This free Zoom Video Conference or Telephone session lasts approximately 20 minutes

We realise that working with a coach is a big deal.

You need to build trust in your coach and we need to be sure that we can help you. During this 20-minute call, we take time to understand your current situation and what you would like to achieve from your Masks and Mirrors learning programme.

This is not a sales call; it’s an opportunity for us to understand your personal challenge(s) and identify whether our services are suitable for your situation.

Your outcome:

A shared understanding of the benefits of working together and an agreement on the way ahead. If this means working together, then great, if this is not right for you, we will understand and thank you for your valuable time.

This module contains:

•1 x Self Assessment Questionnaire

•2 x 60 minute Remote Coaching Sessions complete with a documented session summary

•Individual Tailored Plan


To assist businesses during this time we are offering our modules at a discount of 50%

As a special offering this module is FREE OF CHARGE

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